Budget 2023

On December 20, 2022, Council approved the Operating and Capital Budget for 2023. Overall, the total budget for the County of Wetaskiwin is $52.2 million with $23.7 million coming from municipal tax support.   

Regarding the $52.2 million, this amount covers all expected municipal operations, capital projects and requisitions that the County collects on behalf of the Wetaskiwin and Area Lodge Authority for seniors housing facilities and Government of Alberta for education and provincial RCMP costs. In 2023, the provincial RCMP costs will increase from $534,077 to $783,659.  

The budget reflects the level of service that Council has developed within the Council Plan. For more information or to ask any questions on the budget, please contact Eric Hofbauer, Director of Finance. 

Budget Overview:

Budget Information:

40.3 Solid Waste Management

51.1 Community Services

61.1 Planning and Development