Budget 2024

On December 5, 2023, the County of Wetaskiwin's Council approved the Operating and Capital Budget for 2024. The comprehensive budget, amounting to $45.8 million, includes $24.9 million funded through local taxation.

This budget allocation of $45.8 million encompasses all projected municipal operations, capital initiatives, and mandatory contributions collected for the Wetaskiwin and Area Lodge Authority dedicated to senior housing, as well as for educational and provincial RCMP expenses as directed by the Government of Alberta. Notably, the budget outlines an increase in provincial RCMP costs, rising from $783,659 to $854,659 in 2024. 

“Our budgeting process continues to improve, and we are confident that the approach we committed to last year will keep the County in an excellent financial position going forward” said Reeve Josh Bishop. “It will take a few years to make up for the dramatic increases in costs we have experienced since 2021. However, with a slow and steady increase, we can weather the turbulence with minimal impact to our residents and businesses.”   

Tax Implications for Residents

The 2024 budget results in a 2.88% increase in the average residential municipal taxes for properties valued at $315,000, inclusive of the Government of Alberta’s RCMP funding. This translates to an additional $55.80 annually for the average homeowner, equating to the cost of two large Tim Hortons coffees per month. The County’s Mill Rate will be determined in 2024, post-receipt of provincial assessment figures and the educational requisition with the Provincial Budget announcement.

The 2024 Budget upholds the County's commitment to delivering core service levels to residents. It aligns with the Council's strategic objectives while acknowledging the inflationary effects on all County-provided services.

Quick Facts: 

  • The County is set to allocate $6.5 million towards significant enhancements of its gravel road infrastructure. This investment will focus on critical drainage improvements and the development of shoulder pulls, aimed at bolstering road safety and longevity.
  • The County has committed $2 million for the improvement of paved roads, with planned upgrades in the communities of Alder Flats and Buck Lake.
  • Dedicating $4.9 million to key infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing water and wastewater services throughout the County.
  • Working to actively address aging bridge infrastructure with a $2.2 million investment.
  • Enhancing our parks and tourism amenities by constructing a new parking lot at Twin Lakes and developing a Pickleball court in Mulhurst Bay.

Budget 2024:

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