Reeve & Council Presentations
The Reeve and Councillors are willing to talk to students about their roles and responsibilities (PDF) as an Elected Official and those of the municipality. If you are interested in having the Reeve or a Council representative speak to your class or if you have any questions in this regard, please contact your Councillor or the Communications Officer.

Building Communities Through Local Government

Alberta Municipal Affairs has an interactive website for students that provides the opportunity to explore different aspects of municipal government. An illustrated landscape provides the entry point into the website. Once students enter the landscape, they can scroll around the map to find different types of municipalities, from large and small urban centres to rural areas. They also find information on other types of local authorities and a Métis Settlement. Students obtain information by clicking on icons beside each municipality.

The website also allows students to investigate different facilities and services within 3 of the municipalities in greater depth - large urban, small urban and rural. Within each of these 3 municipalities, students can:
  • Investigate the roles of Mayors or Reeves, councillors, Chief Administrative Officers and others involved in municipal government
  • Find out about some of the services and facilities provided by municipal government
  • Follow a decision-making process with a student who lives in each municipality and responds to an issue
  • Obtain information about social participation strategies
Access Alberta Municipal Affairs' interactive website.

Internship Program
The County of Wetaskiwin is a proud supporter of the Alberta Municipal Affairs Municipal Internship Program. Prospective Interns can review the County of Wetaskiwin's Internship Program successes.