Wastewater (Sewer)

The County of Wetaskiwin owns and operates wastewater systems in Alder Flats, Falun, Gwynne, Mulhurst Bay and Winfield. 

The County also manages and maintains the North East Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission (NEPL) and South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Commission wastewater collection and treatment systems.

North East Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission (NEPL)

This system serves a portion of the community of Mulhurst Bay and the following Summer Villages:

  • Argentia Beach
  • Golden Days
  • Itaska Beach
  • Silver Beach
In May 2019, the Commission completed a Wastewater & Infrastructure Assessment on the existing system. The NEPL Commission will be assessing the system in 2020 to determine what upgrades are needed along with report on current capacities.

South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Commission

The South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater (sewer) collection system is a regional initiative to serve residents in the County of Wetaskiwin and the Summer Villages of Ma-Me-O Beach, Grandview, Crystal Springs, Poplar Bay and Norris Beach. Infrastructure includes a regional transmission line, three lift stations and sewer infrastructure within each of the Summer Villages and subdivisions within the County of Wetaskiwin including Crystal Keys, Village Creek Estates, Viola Beach and The Village at Pigeon Lake.

Each County of Wetaskiwin residence being served by the South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater system will connect to the regional system by way of a grinder pump and low-pressure system.  

Keeping the sewer lines clean and problem free

Bulk Wastewater (Septic Haulers)

Bulk wastewater can be hauled into Alder Flats Lagoon, Mulhurst Bay Lagoon & Westerose Lift Station. For more information click here.

​Working near or crossing owned or operated water and sewer lines

Contact Alberta One Call to request a utility line locate. 

NOTE: Utility lines located on private property are owned by the resident or business. The County of Wetaskiwin does not do utility line locates on private property.

A Crossing or Proximity agreement may be required for installing infrastructure near or over County owned and operated utility lines.  Please submit your request, along with a survey plan or detailed drawing, to the PW Email.