Wastewater (Sewer)

The County of Wetaskiwin owns and operates wastewater systems in Alder Flats, Falun, Dorchester Ranch, Gwynne, Mulhurst Bay and Winfield. 

The County also manages and maintains the North East Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission (NEPL) and South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Commission wastewater collection and treatment systems.

Keeping the sewer lines clean and problem free

  1. Bulk Wastewater
  2. North East Pigeon Lake (NEPL)
  3. South Pigeon Lake (SPL)
  4. Working Near Sewer Lines

Bulk Wastewater (Septic Haulers)

Bulk wastewater can be hauled into Alder Flats Lagoon, Mulhurst Bay Lagoon & Westerose Lift Station. 

All sites are locked and require access codes to enter the facilities. 

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