Acceptable Items

  1. Accepted in Bins
  2. Agricultural Plastics
  3. Appliances
  4. Compost, Grass, Straw, Weeds, Lake Weeds
  5. E-Waste (electronics)
  6. Light Bulbs
  7. Oil, Oil Filters, Plastic and DEF Containers
  8. Paint
  9. Pesticide Chemical Container
  10. Propane Cylinders
  11. Scrap Metal
  12. Tires
  13. Wire
  14. Wood
  15. 4-H Tire Recycling
  16. Recycling Options
  17. Items NOT Accepted

Items Accepted at all Transfer Station Locations in Bins:

  • Household garbage (must be bagged and tied)
  • Ashes (boxed or bagged and tied)
  • Compost, grass, straw, weeds, lake weeds (bagged & tied)
  • Demolition/Renovation (residential) includes: drywall, roofing shingles, decking, vinyl siding, windows, wood doors, carpet  
  • Furniture, including beds, mattresses, chairs, couches, tables, dressers, toilets, basins, sinks, etc.
  • Hot tubs (cut into quarters or smaller; able to fit easily in bin)
  • Plastics
  • Paint cans (empty/dry)
  • Wood (treated, painted; cut in lengths to fit in bin) Does not include any wood treated with creosote