Utility Billing

NEW! If you would like to register for the Utility Auto Payment Plan (UAPP) effective January 2023, please fill out the on-line form or for more information, e-mail or phone 780-352-3321 ext. 2287.  

Billing Schedule

Utility Billing invoices are sent out every second month.

  • January - February: sent in March
  • March - April: sent in May
  • May - June: sent in July
  • July - August: sent in September
  • September - October: sent in November
  • November - December: sent in December 31

Water, Sewer and Garbage Rates

Fees and Charges Bylaw

  • Garbage (Solid Waste) Rates - Schedule "D"
  • Water Rates - Schedule "E"
  • Wastewater Rates - Schedule "F"


A 1.5% per month penalty is added to any outstanding amounts.