Can I stay in my Recreational Unit (RV) while I’m building my house?

In the Country Residential and Restricted Country Residential districts where there is no permanent house on a piece of land, the Development Officer may allow the temporary use of Recreational Units (RVs) as a time-limited accessory use. This permission is granted at the same time as the approval for building a house on the land through a Development Permit and is only valid from April to October and lasts for 12 months from the Development Permit's issuance. If the house isn't finished by the time this temporary permission ends, the RV must be taken off the land, unless the Development Officer approves a new permit allowing continued RV use.

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1. Can I use my Recreational Unit (RV) to stay in if don’t have a house on my property?
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3. Can I stay in my Recreational Unit (RV) while I’m building my house?
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