Ice/Water Rescue

2020 was the County of Wetaskiwin Fire Departments (South Pigeon Lake and Mulhurst Bay) forth full year of providing ice and water rescue on Pigeon Lake. The calls for service have increased drastically over previous years.

Training exercises took place in both summer and winter months and the formal training that was taken in 2017 was expanded upon.

The Mulhurst Bay Fire Department purchased a boat for water rescue that was approved by County of Wetaskiwin County Council in the Spring of 2020 and a boat was put into service in June 2020.

In 2020 there were 9 Ice/Water Rescue calls.

The sources for revenue in 2020 have been annual operating contributions from the Summer Villages, Leduc County and County of Wetaskiwin as well as other various donations throughout the year. The current funding received on an annual basis is adequate in sustaining the ice water rescue service on Pigeon Lake. The current ice water rescue reserve balance allows the purchase and repair of equipment as needed to continue to provide this valuable service to the residents around Pigeon Lake as well as visitors throughout the year.

Ice Water Rescue