Approach Access

Approach Overview 

With the approval from the County of Wetaskiwin, an approach access may be constructed for the following purposes: 

  • First approach onto parcel  
  • Approach onto proposed subdivided lot(s) and remainder  
  • Additional approach, for agricultural purposes 
  • Lease site access 
  • Relocation of existing approach  
  • Widening or improvement of an existing approach 

Approach construction is to be undertaken by the applicant and are to be built in accordance with Policy #61.1.1 Approach Installation, and are subject to final County approval.   

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Approach location 

Unless otherwise approved by the County, any new approach must be placed at a minimum of 60 meters from any intersection. An approach along a County road, but within 300 meters of a Provincial highway or 800 meters from an intersection along a Provincial highway may require approval from the Province as well.  

Approach Construction Requirements 

All new approaches are required to be constructed to the current county of Wetaskiwin construction specifications as identified in the Policy #61.1.1 Approach Installation.  

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Approach Application 

Use the following application to apply for Approach Installation Approval. The application may be printed off and submitted in person at the County front office or emailed to the County. If applicable a fee may be required for the inspection of the approach, please refer the County’s Fees and Charges schedule C for more information.  

Approach Application Form