In what districts am I allowed to have animal livestock?

As per the Land Use Bylaw, the following districts are allowed to have a standardized number of animals on their parcel, considering factors such as parcel size and the Agricultural Operations Practice determined factor number (as defined in Appendix A). 

  • Rural Residential
  • Country Residential 
  • Restricted Country Residential 
  • Agriculture 

You can use the Animal Units Calculator for these districts to determine the number of animals allowed based on parcel size and animal type. 

Residents in the following districts must apply for a development permit to keep four small livestock, including but not limited to poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese) and meat rabbits, as outlined in the Land Use Bylaw. 

  • Hamlets (Alder Flats, Buck Lake, Falun, Gwynne, Mulhurst Bay, Westerose, Winfield) 
  • Lakeshore Residential 
  • Lakeshore Mixed Use 
  • Recreational Resort Holding 
  • Mixed Recreational Resort 

***Disclaimer: Please note that the Animal Unit Calculator will automatically download when accessed via Google Chrome. If using Microsoft Edge, please initiate the download by clicking the blue download button at the top of the Excel page. Also, note that the Animal Unit Calculator may have limited compatibility on mobile devices.