Trail Development

For those who wish to to create a walking trail on County Environmental Reserves or Municipal Reserve, you may apply for a permit from the Planning and Development Department for a walking trail. This permit allows for mowing a 2-meter-wide trail extending from the residence through the Reserve. 

Planning and Development will review your application and determine whether the trail will be allowed, considering the impact on the Reserve. In some cases, you may be required to share a trail with your neighbours if that minimizes the impact. 

Apply for Direct Access Walking Trails on County Reserves. Applications can be emailed to Planning and Development for review and consideration. 

Please note that approval for the creation of a trail does not extend to the placement of docks, boats launches or boat lifts. Any person(s) who mow a trail without a permit or stores personal items and structures on County Reserves may result in enforcement action and fines for violations of the Municipal, Environmental and Conservation Reserve Bylaw.