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Thinking of Suicide

AgKnow - Alberta Farm Mental Health Network

Whether it’s accessing resources for yourself, or pointing a farmer in the right direction, AgKnow is your key partner in the evolving landscape of farm mental health. Our vision is to create a shift in farming culture to one where caring for mental health is a natural part of farm life. We want to increase resiliency in farming communities, de-stigmatize mental health, reduce barriers to services, and stay relevant and current with the issues impacting the agriculture industry in Alberta.

Fore more information, please visit their website at agknow.ca.

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council

Elder abuse is any action, or lack of action, that endangers a senior’s health or wellness. It can take many forms, any senior can be victimized, and it does not need to be physical in order to be considered abuse. In fact, emotional and financial abuse are the most frequently seen types of elder abuse in Canada.

Prevention of elder abuse begins with awareness, and FCSS and Community Development is working to raise the profile of this important issue.

The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a group of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse. Canada’s fastest growing population is over the age of 65 and rapidly becoming vulnerable to abuse that can rob older adults of their well-being and dignity.

  • A province-wide network of professionals
  • Representing communities across Alberta
  • Promoting the well-being and security of older adults
  • Working to increase community awareness
  • Developing resources to address and educate about elder abuse

Fore more information, please visit www.albertaelderabuse.ca.

Alberta Council on Aging

The Living Strong Program for older adults encourages participants to explore various components of wellbeing: physical, mental, environment, spiritual, and getting your paperwork in order.

 Everyone is welcome to join the Living Strong Program.  People can do the program on their own, with peer support or within a group. The program sessions can be done using the booklet, by teleconference or zoom online. Organizations may use and offer the program as a way of bringing new experiences to their community.

 The aim of this program is to inspire participants right now, at no cost, to reduce stress and stay as strong as possible during the pandemic and beyond.

  For more information visit https://acaging.ca/.

Alberta Seniors Advocate Office

The Alberta Office of the Seniors Advocate is available to seniors to: 

  • Provide assistance finding, accessing and/or utilizing government or government-funded programs and services. They provide resolution support. 
  • Receive feedback about programs and services. They track issues and make recommendations to government for improvements. 

For more information, please visit www.albertahealthadvocates.ca.  

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Because losing someone is hard...

Confidential and free, MyGrief.ca helps you to understand and move through your grief.

  • In your own place, at your own pace
  • Developed by people who have "been there" and grief specialists
  • Features "real life' stories and experiences
  • A resource for professionals

OakNet - Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

www.oaknet.ca is an excellent source of legal information on topics of interest to Senior Albertan.  It covers important topics such as abuse, Wills & Estates, housing, relationships, scam and fraud, travel and more.

This website should not be relied on for legal advice.  It is intended to provide information on Alberta law only.

Seniors Housing 

Bethany Nursing Home of Camrose (operating as The Bethany Group) is a public, not-for-profit, organization providing health care and housing services to over 2,600 households in 28 communities throughout Central Alberta.

Originally established in 1922 by the Lutheran Church to operate a home for the aged in Bawlf, Alberta, the organization today operates pursuant to the Bethany Nursing Home and Auxiliary Hospitals Act, as well as a Public Housing Management Body pursuant to the Alberta Housing Act. The Bethany Group is driven by the people who work and volunteer for the organization to make the lives of the people they serve better. It also continues to honour its faith-based roots and provide a wholistic approach to caring for its clients.

For more information, please explore our website or download our brochure, which includes information about our services, programs, and contact information for our service centres and facilities. You may also wish to see our Publications page.

Victims of Crime Assistance Program

If you have been a victim of a violent crime, help is available at every step of your recovery. This includes immediate help, victim services units who can guide you through the justice system, and government programs that offer financial assistance, counselling and supports. Please visit the following link: Alberta Victims of Crime Assistance Program (the “Program”)

For more information on the interim Victims of Crime Assistance Program, you may call 780-427-7217 or email victimsofcrime@gov.ab.ca.