Community Grants

The Community Grant Program provides funding to local organizations that offer programs which are intended to promote and develop a safe and healthy community through preventative measures.

Spring deadlines for the FCSS Grant Application is March 31.  Fall deadlines for the FCSS Grant Application (PDF) is September 30 of each year. 

If you have not yet submitted your FCSS Grant Evaluation Form (PDF), please do so as soon as possible. All FCSS Grant Evaluation Forms are due by December 15.

All completed Grant Applications Forms or Grant Evaluation Forms can be submitted to​.

Eligible programs and services

Services provided under FCSS must be preventative and may include initiatives and programs that:
  • help communities identify their social needs and develop responses
  • promote, encourage and support volunteer work in the community
  • inform the public about services
  • support children and their families’ social development
  • enhance retired and semi-retired people’s quality of life

Ineligible programs and services

FCSS funding cannot be used for programs and services that:
  • are only focused on an individual’s leisure or recreational needs
  • provide an individual or family with basic living supports such as money, food, clothing or shelter
  • are only focused on rehabilitation
  • duplicate services provided by government or a government agency
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Questions or Inquiries?


Erin Ballhorn

FCSS Community Programs Coordinator
780-352-3321 ext. 2292