Off-Site Levy

The Off-site Levy Bylaw 2007/38 & 2008/42 requires that new development that has sewage hauled off site for treatment (Mulhurst or Alder Flats Lagoon) be required to pay a one time off-site levy fee in the amount of $2,034.The levy must be paid prior to the issuance of a development permit. Any new development located within the pink shaded area below is subject to the Off-site Levy payment.

If a lot is a minimum of one (1) acre or larger and sewage is to be treated privately on the property, an inspection report from Superior Safety Codes Inc. must be obtained. If a satisfactory sewage inspection report is signed-off by Superior Safety Codes Inc., the off-site levy payment will be refunded in full.

Once a development permit has been approved, building, electrical, gas and plumbing permits must be obtained from Superior Safety Codes Inc. 

offsite levy