Planning & Development Policies

The Municipal Government Act under Section 638.2 requires that municipalities must list their planning documents and how they relate to each other on their website. The tabs below contain a list of the County of Wetaskiwin’s planning policies and relevant bylaws. 

  1. 61.1.1 Approach Installation
  2. 61.1.2 Typical Farmland Values for Subdivision Reserve Allocation
  3. 61.1.3 Procedure for Administrative Approval of Simple Subdivisions
  4. 61.1.5 Re-Subdivision in Multi-lot Subdivision
  5. 61.1.6 Requirements for Area Structure Plans
  6. 61.1.7 Guidelines for Second Yard Subdivision
  7. 61.1.8 Re-application for Subdivision
  8. 61.1.9 Performance Deposits for Approach Construction
  9. 61.1.10 Guideline to Determine Inclusion of Strip of Farmland
  10. 61.1.11 Requirements for Sewer Service at Named Lakes
  11. 61.1.12 Commercial and Industrial Development in the Highway 2 Corridor 
  12. 61.1.13 Design Guidelines and Construction Standards
  13. 61.1.14 Requirements for Resource Extraction Operations
  14. 61.1.15 Pavement and Per Lot Road Contribution Fee 
  15. 61.1.16 Certificate of Compliance and Real Property Report
  16. Offsite Levy Bylaw
  17. Dog Control Bylaw
  18. Business Hours Restriction Bylaw
  19. Waste Water Bylaw
  20. Rural Addressing Bylaw


61.1.1 Approach Installation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set regulations for proposed and existing approaches.

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