Draft IDP with Summer Villages

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a statutory planning document prepared with two (or more) municipalities that share a common border. An IDP ensures future development and land use policy are coordinated between municipalities. The County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 and the Summer Villages that border the County have agreed to jointly engage in an IDP, as per the Municipal Government Act

An IDP is a high-level statutory land use plan prepared by two or more neighbouring municipalities for areas of mutual interest. The purpose of this IDP is to: 

  • Ensure that future development, land use policies, and long-term growth within the Pigeon Lake watershed is coordinated between the municipalities 
  • Develop and implement consistent land management goals 
  • Reduce the possibility of future land use conflicts 
  • Provide a clear process for intermunicipal cooperation and dispute resolution

The County will be a member of two Summer Village IDPs: Pigeon Lake North IDP with the Summer Villages of Argentia Beach, Golden Days, and Silver Beach; and Pigeon Lake South IDP with the Summer Villages of Crystal Springs, Grandview, Norris Beach, and Poplar Bay.

Pigeon Lake North Intermunicipal Development Plan

The County, Summer Villages, and MPS have been preparing the draft IDP. The Pigeon Lake North IDP has been finalized and approved by all member municipalities.

Pigeon Lake North IDP

Regional Context Map for County Website - North IDP

Pigeon Lake South Intermunicipal Development Plan

Over the spring and summer the County, Summer Villages, and MPS have been preparing the draft IDP. To provide community members with opportunities to get involved and learn more about the IDP, an In-person Engagement Session was held on September 19th, 2020 at the Lakedell Agricultural Society Hall. The purpose of the Engagement Session was to provide community members with background information about the project and an overview of the content in the proposed IDP.

The materials from the Engagement Session are below for your review. Community members are encouraged to review the YouTube video of the presentation and supporting materials and contact Municipal Planning Services with any comments or questions.

The draft IDP will be available in the coming weeks for community members to review and provide feedback to MPS, which will be shared with the Councils. Stayed tuned to this webpage for more information. If you would like to be notified when the draft IDP is posted, please email a.rosland@munplan.ab.ca.

Engagement Session Materials

Regional Context Map for County Website - South IDP

Should you have any further questions or would like more information about the IDP, please contact: Municipal Planning Services: Allison Rosland, Planner at a.rosland@munplan.ab.ca or call 780.486.1991