What approval do I require to operate a business?

Business Approvals

The County does not issue business licenses, however we do issue approvals through the development permit process, which can fall into the following categories:

Business/Commercial development permits include uses such as:

  • Intensive and Extensive Agricultural Uses, Tree Farms, Warehouses, Intensive Livestock Campgrounds, Recreational Unit Storage Centers, Golf Course, Rural Event Facility, Liquor Store, Retail Store, Hotel, Restaurant , Onsite and Offsite Home Occupations.
    • Home Occupations have been categorized either as Onsite or Offsite use. Both Onsite and Offsite then are broken up into different types (1, 2 or 3) depending on their intensity as defined in the definition section and listed in the respective Land Use Districts.
    • Business/Commercial development application

Agricultural development permit includes uses such as:

Mobile Vendors:

Mobile Vendor means a self-contained vehicle, trailer or stand that is capable of being moved from one location to another that is equipped to prepare, serve and sell food, or goods. The mobile vendor is allowed to be on a specific location for a maximum period of seven (7) consecutive days of operation. (amended by Bylaw 2019/44). A mobile vendor must receive approval from the County by applying for a Request to Operate Business letter.  

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1. What approval do I require to operate a business?
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