Do I need a permit for a dugout?

When planning your dugout, please ensure you adhere to County of Wetaskiwin setbacks as identified in the Land Use Bylaw.  

Alberta of Environment and Parks approvals may be required for the placing, constructing or filling in of a dugout, especially if any of the following could apply: 

  • The dugout is located in a watercourse frequented by fish or in a lake or a wetland  
  • That water is being diverted and pumped into the dugout  
  • The dugout has a capacity greater than 2500 cubic meters in volume  
  • The dugout is located in the same watercourse and parcel of land as an existing dugout Contact Alberta Environment and Parks, and they will confirm what approvals, if any may be needed 

Dugouts may not be permitted for residential uses. For more information visit the Government of Alberta's Water Act: Dugout Fact Sheet.

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