How can I pay my impound fees?

Contact the Bylaw department at 780-352-3321 for impound fee total.  Prior to picking up your dog(s) stop by the County office to pay your impound fees or as an alternative you may pay fees online. 

To pay with Credit Card please proceed to OptionPay site. (There is an additional fee to use this service to pay). Visit their fee schedule here. 

Fill out the following:

  1. Credit Card Info
  2. Enter in dollar amount of impound fee (fee to be applied will show once you enter in amount)
  3. Pick Type of "Fees/Fines"
  4. Please enter the file number given to you by Bylaw Department in File Number Field
  5. Enter in Contact Phone Number
  6. Type in "Dog Pound Fee" in Comments Field
  7. You MUST print your credit card payment receipt for proof of payment prior to picking up your dog to be left at Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic.

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