Beaver Control

Beaver Control Services

The County of Wetaskiwin is involved in the removal of beaver, the destruction of dams and the unplugging of road culverts affecting County road allowances, land(s) and water management projects. Beaver control work will not be conducted on private land. If a road allowance is affected due to beaver activity on private land, trapping and/or blasting may take place providing proper written permission is obtained from the landowner.

Additional Information

As per Beaver Control Policy 6231 the County of Wetaskiwin hires a trapper/blaster each year to remove the problem beaver from the County road allowances, land(s) and water management projects registered to the County of Wetaskiwin.

For a list of private beaver control resource personnel, please click here.

Note: Blasting may occur as early as April and continue throughout until mid-November or freeze-up.