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FCSS Counselling Evaluation, Client Survey - Sessions 1 & 4 Follow-up

  1. FCSS Counselling Evaluation, Client Survey - Sessions 1 & 4 Follow-up
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  3. Nexus Psychology
    Your answers help continue and improve the partnership between FCSS (Family and Community Support Services) and Nexus Psychology. Without this program, some families in the County of Wetaskiwin may not be able to access affordable counselling. Please answer all questions honestly and if you have nay questions or conerns, please contact 780-352-3321 ext. 2292 or All answers are confidential.
  5. I was spoken to and greeted in a friendly manner while booking my first appointment?
  6. Forms and paperwork were clear and easy to understand:
  7. Payment options were explained to me clearly:
  8. My counsellor spoke to me in friendly manner:
  9. My counsellor introduced themselves on my first visit:
  10. I my wait times before an appointment were:
  11. My counsellor is supportive without be judgemental:
  12. As a result of counselling, I feel more confident about myself:
  13. As a result of counselling, i have a greater confidence in my ability to overcome life's challenges:
  14. I feel I new information on how to better manage my stress:
  15. I feel I am better at expressing my emotions constructively:
  16. I feel better about my ability to solve problems:
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