How do I apply for a Dwelling Development Permit?

To apply for a dwelling the following must be submitted for approval:

  • Development Permit Application Form (Dwelling)
  • Site Plan drawn to scale showing the legal description of the site, dimensions of property, the location of the home on the property, the front, rear and side yard setbacks, and access to and from the site [link to example]
  • Building Plans (blueprints) including floorplans, elevations, and cross sections [link to example]
  • Application fee per Schedule C of Fees and Charges Bylaw 

*Note that a Development Permit is not a Building Permit. In addition to a Development Permit and prior to construction or locating a home on your property a Building Permit must be obtained. Information on applying for a Building Permit and other Safety Codes Permits (plumbing, gas, electrical, private sewage disposal, etc.) can be found here. [insert building permit page link]

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1. How do I apply for a Dwelling Development Permit?
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