Proposed Changes to Land Use Bylaw

On April 12, 2018, Council approved Bylaw 2017/48, also known as the Land Use Bylaw. Since approval the Land Use Bylaw Committee has deemed it necessary to make several amendments. The Committee and Administration have deemed the following amendments ready for Council to review:  

  • Amend Section 1.2 with the addition of Privy 
  • Amend Section 9.10 (a) Setbacks 
  • Addition of Section 9.20 Outhouse Use, Installation & Approval 
  • Addition of Kennel to Agricultural Hobby Farm & Rural Residential Districts
  • Amendment of maximum Building Heights 

A copy of the Land Use Bylaw, which includes the highlighted proposed amendments, was provided for review by Council, with the overview of the proposed amendments in red text and strike through. Once Council had resolved to move forward with the proposed amendments they were referred to adjacent municipalities and Governing Agencies.

Below is the draft Land Use Bylaw with the proposed amendments,  which will be presented at the Public Hearing on Thursday, November 12,2020 at 10:45 a.m.