Gravel Roads

The Public Works Department is responsible for all maintenance and construction along the County roadways, subdivisions, Hamlets and bridge structures.

The County maintains approximately 1,260 miles (2,028 km) of gravel roads. The annual road maintenance program includes:

  •   Dust control
  •   Grading/remove washboard
  •   Gravelling
  •   Pothole repair
  •   Road kill pickup
  •   Road signs
  •   Sanding
  •   Snow removal/ice control
  •   Shoulder pulls/clay capping (Contracted)
There are 12 graders in the fleet, each with an assigned route of approximately 100 miles (160 km) to maintain. Some areas require more frequent blading because of the traffic volume, type of traffic and the road structure.

Gravel Program

The County has a 3-year gravelling program in place. Typically the County gravels 1/3 of the County’s local roads annually. The majority of the gravelling is completed in the winter months, so as not to damage roadways in summer by heavy gravel trucks and availability of trucks.

Fall Gravelling Program: 
Ratepayers will notice a change in the gravelling schedule this fall compared to previous years.  On September 11, 2018, Council approved the rescheduling of its annual gravelling program for Divisions 1 through 4 from winter 2019 to September and October, 2018.  The County will be evaluating the merits of fall gravelling using the following criteria comparing:

Wear and fatigue on equipment, staff and contractors;
Mobilization costs  between fall and winter;
Gravel loss due to snow removal;
Material handling costs because aggregate is thawed, resulting in potential lower processing costs.

Routes are preplanned and a water truck will be available for dust control, if required.  The County is also aware harvest is continuing and will work with farmers to ensure their progress is not delayed.   Click to view map.

Gravel Prospecting

The County has embarked on an aggressive gravel prospecting program to identify and lock in gravel reserves. The County continues to seek alternate sources for gravel supply and would welcome information from any landowner who feels that they may have an available source.

Please contact the Assistant Director of Public Works at 780-361-6244, toll free at 800-661-4125, or via email for further information.