Development Process

Any structure constructed in County of Wetaskiwin needs an approved development permit before work can start. Applications for permits must include detailed information about the building and must comply with the Land Use Bylaw.
  1. Safety Codes Permits

    In the interest of public safety and as required by the Safety Codes Act, all building installations require a Building Permit and are subject to appropriate inspections.

  2. Business Approvals

    The County does not issue business licenses or business permits; however, does issue approvals to operate a business.

  3. Commercial Signage

    Anyone wishing to erect a private sign (i.e. business, directional) adjacent to County road allowances require a permit to do so.

  4. Confined Feeding Operations

    The Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) became effective January 1, 2002. The act gives the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) the authority for regulating confined feeding operations and manure.

  5. Development by Abandoned Wells

    Alberta Municipal Affairs has advised all municipalities to inform residents of the following new regulations about abandoned wells.

  6. Development Permits

    All development within the County of Wetaskiwin requires a development permit before work can start, and is regulated by Land Use By-law 95/54.

  7. Land Use By-Law Enforcement

    The County of Wetaskiwin investigates and recommends actions to resolve violations

  8. Zoning Compliance

    A Compliance Certificate will indicate whether or not the use and location of the buildings comply with the Land Use By-law.