Weed, Pest & Animals

  1. Bugs in My House

    You can find helpful identification of household bugs and information on how to control them.

  2. Bugs in My Yard

    Helpful information for identifying and controlling the bugs in your yard.

  3. Tree Damage Identification

    Find out what may be wrong with your tree with this helpful guide.

  4. Pest Control

    County of Wetaskiwin is responsible for protecting the agricultural productivity of the municipality by controlling native and introduced pests. Private landowners are also accountable for controlling pests on their properties.

  5. Weed Control

    The Weed Control Act of Alberta directs that all landowners are responsible for keeping weeds under control. This also includes the County. The County is responsible for controlling weeds on properties under County control, and directing private landowners/tenants to do so on their properties as well.