Dog Control

The County of Wetaskiwin maintains 2 full-time Dog Control / Bylaw Enforcement Officers to patrol the County of Wetaskiwin regarding complaints of dogs. Dog Control Officers respond to complaints on a need-to basis, following up on calls received on complaint line.

Summons for Offences

Dog Control Officers issue summons for offences under the County of Wetaskiwin Dog Control Bylaw Number 2015/03 (PDF). This bylaw states that dogs cannot be at large, be a nuisance by excessive barking, cannot bite, and cannot be neglected.

Restricted Dogs

The new Dog Control Bylaw also includes provisions for "Restricted Dogs". Schedule "B" outlines the offense amounts for infractions to the new bylaw. Schedule "C" outlines the offense amounts involving Restricted Dogs as per Section 2(r).

Dogs at Large

The majority of calls received by Dog Control Officers involve dogs at large or collecting of strays. Dogs seized by Officers are housed at a local veterinarian facility. The veterinarian clinic attempts to locate the owners of the dogs through tattoos or micro-chips that have been implanted on the dog. Adoption of unclaimed dogs remain at the discretion of the veterinary service.

Missing Dogs

If your dog has gone missing or you would like to report a complaint, please call the Dog Control Complaint Line at 780-352-0005 (calls are answered 7 days per week, 24 hours per day) or fill out the Dog Complaint Form.