Back row left to right: Councillor Garry Dearing, Councillor Lyle Seely, Councillor Terry Van de Kraats, Frank Coutney, CAO and Councillor Keith Johnson

Front row left to right: Councillor Kathy Rooyakkers (Reeve), Councillor Larry McKeever, Rod Hawken, Assistant CAO, Councillor Pearl Hay 

  • There are 7 electoral divisions with council members serving 4-year terms.
  • A Councillor must reside within the division from which they are elected and they must be qualified voters of the municipality.
  • Council members can be re-elected for unlimited consecutive terms.
  • The next municipal election will be held in 2017.
  • The Reeve and Deputy Reeve are elected annually by Council at the organizational meeting held each October.  Council representatives on boards and committees are also appointed at this time.